straight 8

straight up filmmaking since 1999

one super 8 cartridge no editing

we help people get films out of their heads and onto a screen and into other peoples’ heads

(or what’s the point?)

if you have a straight 8 in you

we want to see it

cannes 2017


straight 8 2017 cannes premieres and after-party - 23rd may - 20:30 - cinéma les arcades, cannes

straight 8 cannes poster w JFS.jpg

join us in cannes for the world premiere of 8 amazing films - each made on a single cartridge of super 8 film without any editing or post-production

only the best 8 films from 133 entries have been selected to premiere in cannes by a stellar jury:


hard coffee - the forest of black (glasgow, uk)

le flic au bois dormant / let sleeping beauties lie - michel antoine chappuis (neuchâtel, switzerland)

locked-in - aleksandar nikolic & fotina papatheodorou (london, uk)

perversion - chelsy mitchell & rebecca louise tiernan (new york, usa)

rsvp - hilary westlake (london, uk)

the homestretch - gunnar hansen & meinert hansen (montreal, canada)

threshold - philipp peißen (essen, germany)

touch - poppy baines (bath, uk)


check out the trailer below

all of the filmmakers are flying in to see their films for the first time ever

entry is free and is first come, first served for anyone with a festival pass

join us after the screening for an after-party at a secret location

if you’re in cannes, don’t have a festival pass, and would like to come, email

we're very excited that Jameson First Shot are partnering with us for our Cannes premieres and after-party. details of the after-party will only be disclosed at the screening