straight 8

straight up filmmaking since 1999

one super 8 cartridge no editing

we help people get films out of their heads and onto a screen and into other peoples’ heads

(or what’s the point?)

if you have a straight 8 in you

we want to see it


what's happening when - and what's been before


straight 8 2019 - opening dec 8th at 8pm gmt. be on our mailing list to hear about all our news. this is our annual open competition for anyone anywhere to have a shot at seeing their straight 8 film for the first time ever, at its prestigious and raucous cannes film festival or london premiere

dec 8 - straight 8 2019 opens and stays open only until all places have been taken

mar 18 - film delivery deadline - your exposed, un-processed, un-edited film must arrive at cinelab london by e.o.p.

mar 31 - sound delivery deadline - your 100% original soundtrack created without you having seen you film must be sent to us as an emailed link by e.o.p.

may 19/20/21 - tbc - premiere of cannes selected films at cannes film festival

spring/early summer - tbc - london premiere of cannes films + more selected films from 2019 collection

upcoming screenings:

watch straight 8 shootout online #1 - now from anywhere! - we live streamed a premiere for the first time ever: THURSDAY DECEMBER 6TH 2018 2PM LONDON TIME - creative companies worldwide were competing at straight 8 rules for charity. this straight 8 format has raised thousands of £/€/$’s for numerous charities the world over. join the screening from the comfort of your chosen internet connection, for free! see here for info

dec 15 - a curated selection of straight 8 films as a collaboration with the 16mm film festival, mumbai, india

jan 13 - 8pm save the date if you’re in london - more details about a special screening soon

feb 13 - evening - save the date if you’re in milan, italy - more details soon

///// if you’d like to set up a straight 8 screening - email us - and let’s do it /////

recent screenings:

straight 8 2018 london premiere - august 4 bfi southbank

straight 8 2018 cannes premiere - may 14 cinema olympia, cannes (250 seats: full)

straight 8 2018 industry shootout - cannes - june 21 cinema les arcades, cannes

straight 8 2018 industry shootout - cannes > london - july 6 regent street cinema, london


straight 8 says hello chicago - jan 26, - hosted by straight 8 veterans megan marie connoly & eliaz rodriguez

a selection of straight 8s to inspire chicago - including megan marie's and eliaz's own films

screening details


straight 8 says hello scotland - feb 4, glasgow - hosted by 'the forest of black' - 2017 cannes straight8ers who made the awesome 'hard coffee'

a selection of straight 8s to inspire scotland - come on scotland, if you have a straight 8 in you we want to see it

screening details

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