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the rules


what is super 8 film?

super 8 is a motion picture film format developed by kodak in the 1960s. it's the most accessible format of real film that you can shoot on — cameras and film-stock are relatively cheap, readily available and easy to use.

nothing else looks like super 8 film. for more info check out the wikipedia article here

what happens to my film?

filmmakers that are selected for cannes receive a free digital copy of their film and everyone gets the original roll back after their film has premiered (if selected), anyone can order a digital copy — details of what you get and how much it costs are in the rules.

what is the difference between the filmstocks?

there's a guide to each of the 4 available stocks at

when will i get to see my film?

no one is allowed to see their film before its premiere and the dates of our screenings vary from year to year. cannes is usually first, in mid may. most films are premiered at rushes soho shorts festival in late july/early august in london. if you want to see your film before that, just organise an amazing screening and we’ll show your film at it.

if your film isn’t selected for screening then we’ll send it back to you when we’ve had time to despool your film. this will be a few weeks after the cannes screening.

what camera should i buy/where can i buy one?

super 8 cameras are easy to get hold of and can be picked up for next to nothing, but you’d probably have to pay a bit more for a fully featured and tested camera. quite a lot of super 8 cameras won't automatically meter all modern film stocks — it makes life much easier if you can get one that will. lists the specs of almost all super 8 cameras so is a useful resource.

i would personally recommend buying a braun nizo- they have lots of useful features such as slow-motion, time-lapse, variable shutter and etc. the top models are:
s480, s560 or s800.
481, 561, 801, or 'professional'
the models starting with 's' are earlier and don't have the 'autom. b' feature which automatically meters long exposure time-lapse. the professional model is extra fancy and usually very expensive. other than that they are very similar cameras but those with higher numbers have bigger lenses. there are a few other makes/models that are pretty good — leicina, nikon, beaulieu and the top-end canon models in particular, but nizo's are probably most widely available and pretty good value. on ebay i'd pay up to £60 for an s480 and £140 for an 801 in good condition. as well as ebay, you could check out, or on is a great place to go for lots of useful s8 resources and tips.

can i enter my films to other festivals?

yes! we love it when straight 8 films get screened at other festivals. it’s your film, not ours so you retain ownership - we just ask for non exclusive rights to show the film ‘under the banner of’ straight 8. full details are in the submission form, which is part of the rules.

i live in mexico/india/outer mongolia and i’m worried that if i enter, the film that you send would take too long to get here or get stuck in customs.

in cases where time is tight or if it’s impractical for us to post you your film, we can make arrangement for you to obtain your own cartridge. we will reimburse an appropriate amount of your entry fee.

who enters straight 8?

the level playing field created by straight 8's rules makes it a great chance for people with everything to prove and nothing to lose. some of the greatest straight 8 films have been made by first time filmmakers. and we love that. and if you are a filmmaker, well you'd love this opportunity to return to your roots, scare yourself, enjoy total filmmaking freedom: you get final cut. all be it in-camera. we don't mind if you use a pseudonym — we just want you to have fun.

can i put on my own straight 8 screening?

yes please! we want to have as many screenings in as many places as possible. if you’d like to put on a screening or would like to suggest that we screen somewhere please email 'helpingout' at and we can talk about it.

what it costs.

uk/europe 2012 entry £60 + vat
rest of world 2012 entry £62
student 2012 entry £50