straight 8

straight up filmmaking since 1999

one super 8 cartridge no editing

we help people get films out of their heads and onto a screen and into other peoples’ heads

(or what’s the point?)

if you have a straight 8 in you

we want to see it

faq (frequently asked questions)

if you have questions about straight 8, not answered below, try asking our facebook group


see also: colin dewar's useful title shooting tips which can be found here (pdf). most of them are transferable to the making of the rest of your film too

what's the difference between straight 8 and shootout?

straight 8's annual competition is open to anyone anywhere. check out the status in this site's main menu. if you may want to enter in future, sign up to our mailing list

straight 8 shootout is a straight 8 format for ad industry companies to compete at straight 8 for charity, with slightly different rules. see shootout to see if there's a current shootout competition in action. if you may want to enter in future, sign up to our mailing list

what is super 8 film?

super 8 is a motion picture film format developed by kodak in the 1960s. it's the most accessible format of real film that you can shoot on — cameras and film-stock are relatively cheap, readily available and easy to use. nothing else looks like super 8 film

super 8 film doesn't record sound, so you need to make your soundtrack separately

when will i get to see my film?

no one is allowed to see their film before its premiere, if it's selected. look at the dates page for the latest info on screenings

after the screenings, all entries will be uploaded so that you can download yours digitally

what camera should i buy/where can i buy one?

super 8 cameras are easy to get hold of and can be picked up for next to nothing, but you’d probably have to pay a bit more for a fully featured and tested camera
quite a lot of super 8 cameras won't automatically meter all modern film stocks — it makes life much easier if you can get one that will. lists the specs of almost all super 8 cameras.  check out our cameras page too

can i enter my films to other festivals?

yes! we love it when straight 8 films get screened at other festivals. it’s your film, not ours so you retain ownership - we just ask for non exclusive rights to show the film ‘under the banner of’ straight 8

who enters straight 8?

check out our straight8ers page. the level playing field created by straight 8's rules makes it a great chance for people with everything to prove and nothing to lose. some of the greatest straight 8 films have been made by first time filmmakers. and we love that. and if you are a filmmaker, well you'd love this opportunity to return to your roots, scare yourself, enjoy total film-making freedom: you get final cut. all be it in-camera. we don't mind if you use a pseudonym — we just want you to have fun

can i put on my own straight 8 screening?

yes please! we want to have as many screenings in as many places as possible. if you’d like to put on a screening or would like to suggest that we screen somewhere please get in touch