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2016 results

who made what and where it screened for straight 8 2016

many thanks to our jury who in their own words 'had an intense and inspiring jury session'

first see all the straight 8 2016 films in under 90 seconds ...

random acts

three of the brilliant 2016 straight 8 cannes selection were selected to appear as part of channel 4's 'random acts' strand in the uk. congrats again to the filmmakers

watch the films here:

clowns    by    paul walkingshaw
jam!    by    jack scott
splendor in the grass...    by    roger batteault

london selection

6pm - june 5 - vue piccadilly - in association with ourscreen

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watch the films here:

all work and no play makes simon a dull boy    by    freddy syborn
charlotte    by    ben new
corrina's hair    by    ian mantgani
deadline    by    annette schneider & marc holtbecker
eat some food, ride your bike    by    giles perkins
echo    by    54th story
faire l'autruche    by    mini
ham and 1 pickle    by    alex
handy feet    by    fiona brownlie
local call    by    malcolm finlay
love is black and white?    by    siobhán cox
misty    by    benjamin scrimgeour
nuclear waste    by    jesse james hennessy
opening film for cannes    by    christopher e g w thom
peak    by    will & caz
re: out of office    by    george sanders
rebel runner    by    meshakai wolf
seeing blue    by    swantontoogoodburtonmcfaul
ser agua (to be water)    by    lucia valdemoros & agustin barrutia
social networking socially - society through technology    by    paul murphy
splendor in the grass...    by    roger batteault
stay with me    by    robyn barresi
straight to the moon    by    florian schertel
the ride    by    fabio abram & jodie sibson
things are not as they appear    by    andrew kotting


6pm - june 12 - vue piccadilly - in association with ourscreen

watch the films here:

"+-"    by    ben walden
a future past    by    chad higgins
bug out    by    mick dow
carbon copy    by    andrei balbarau
cartoon ball lightning    by    manuel molinu
clowns    by    paul walkingshaw
fleeting    by    ben garchar
gleaming    by    mark gilleece
grief    by    leandro santini
ice cream    by    michael jinks & piers hunt
in your dreams    by    chad riley
invidia    by    luke harris-perfect
jam!    by    jack scott
jurassock park    by    mike mcloughlin
let go of your hurt    by    peter mallett
love    by    henriett tunyogi
manchild    by    chris watson
michelle's daily escape    by    philip john fountain - not viewable
mudlark    by    steve hickey
second line    by    anthony woodley
skinner and me    by    mark banks
t-girl    by    j.s. meaux
tortillas    by    jeff zorrilla
un·bear·able    by    bjarne eldhuset
who lives there at night    by    drum

congratulations to all straight 8 entrants including those who completed their films and didn't make the selections. the standard was high.