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when you enter straight 8 you'll need to confirm you've read and agreed to the rules below

(this is not like an app's t's & c's - you do actually need to read these)


straight 8 2016 rules

the film...

you will be sent from us a kodak super 8mm film cartridge together with a sticker with all your entry info on it including your unique entry number

you must fix that sticker to the cartridge when you open it and then use that cartridge only

for a minimum of 3 seconds at the start of your film, you need to include your entry number.  how you show that number in your film is up to you, so long as we can see it clearly when we see your film.  we also recommend strongly that your film includes its title, visually. this can be at the start and combined with the entry number, but equally the title can come wherever you want it

everything about your film can only be made in-camera on that one cartridge.  its maximum length is +/- 3 minutes 20 seconds (we project at 18 frames per second).  you can make a shorter film but it's impossible for it to be longer

make sure you understand how to use this super 8 film with your camera, particularly its 'asa' rating - not all cameras recognise all of them - if in doubt ask someone who knows

you then send the exposed - undeveloped - cartridge back to us in london by the film delivery deadline - see dates

the address label will be supplied to you with your film. you're responsible for choosing suitable packaging and methods of getting it there

include inside another self-addressed package for the return of your spool by regular post, with the sticker that we'll have sent you for that stuck on it

do not include any lab instructions (no push / pull or cross-processing for straight 8, sorry)

if you are sending your film from overseas you must write 'no commercial value' and 'for cultural purposes only' on the package or any customs form.  we cannot afford to pay import duty on your multi-million dollar epic. though we’d love to see it


the sound...

your film must have a soundtrack.  no silent films, we've all moved on

your soundtrack will have been made 'blind' as you won't have seen your film when you submit it

the copyright paragraph in our film submission form is the law.  read this and consider it very carefully at concept stage.  you will not be able to license any famous tracks or anything you can't get our specific rights agreed on

we will synch your soundtrack to the first frame of your film - so imagine your film's sound starts when you pull the trigger the first time

we can't accept special instructions regarding sound playback (so, for example,  if you want the first 5 seconds to be silent, include 5 seconds of silence at the start of your soundtrack)

your soundtrack must not be any longer than your film.  make the soundtrack end the way you want it to at 3'20" exactly.  or less if your film is shorter.  a couple of seconds over is ok if you feel there’s good reason for it to fade off or finale after the end of picture - but please, no longer that 3'25"/3'30" tops!

make sure you’re happy with the levels: that they’re balanced throughout and at a good overall level - it's a shame to hurt the audience' eardrums and will affect judging too

when your soundtrack is complete, create a WAV file with your entry number as the filename.  for example: 2016013.wav

send us your soundtrack via a link (wetransfer, dropbox etc) emailed to by the sound delivery deadline - see dates


submission form...

you must email the submission form as soon as you send or drop off your film, submitting it digitally

this online form is legally binding and by sending it you're committing your entry

you also need to read it carefully before accepting these rules when you enter.  if you don't agree with it, please do not enter straight 8

if something changes during production and your production does not comply, your entry will not be accepted but cannot be refunded either


your film...

in the unlikely event that your film becomes lost or damaged whilst in our care, we will only be able to replace your cartridge. we will not be able to refund your production costs: the star talent, thousands of extras, catering, eight trashed skodas and so on



you are responsible not just for the safety of yourself and your team during recce’ing, rehearsing, filming and recording but also that of the general public.  please be safe and put safety above everything else.  straight 8 productions cannot be held responsible for your production in any way


selection and screenings...

we will choose which films to show where and our decision is final. simply entering a film does not mean definitely getting it shown anywhere

films we select to show at various events will be kept totally under wraps ready for their premieres.  no-one, not even the filmmakers, see their films before their premiere

we’d love to see you at the screenings but transportation and accommodation is down to you. we will get you one free ticket if your film is showing but can't promise to cover festival access etc


the all important copyright para...

this is on the submission form and you must stick to it:

“as the director and producer submitting the above straight 8 film, i confirm that i own all the rights to the film and can show it anywhere i want to after its first straight 8 public showing if it is selected.

i grant straight 8 productions non-exclusive rights to show the above straight 8 film, if they choose to do so, anywhere on any format at any time in the future under the banner of straight 8 including but not limited to the following: straight 8 events, straight 8 screenings at other events, straight 8 website or podcasts, straight 8 showtapes, straight 8 branded dvds, straight 8 feature films, straight 8 tv programmes or features within other tv programmes, straight 8 'channels' within other websites, podcasts and the like.

i warrant that i am entitled to assign these rights for all contributors to and all elements of my film.  i and all actors and crew appearing in or involved in the making of my film have completely released all rights to me for use with the film wherever and whenever it is shown and as detailed here.

all composers and performers (and publishers if relevant) of any part of the film’s soundtrack have completely released all rights to me for unlimited use with the film wherever and whenever it is shown and as detailed above.”


--- by entering straight 8 2016 you agree to all of the rules above ---