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shootout - cannes report

straight 8 industry shootout 2017 screened june 23rd 11am cinema les arcades, cannes

and rescreened in london on july 19th, 10am picturehouse central

shootout is presented by the apa, in association with cinelab and with design by rothco (2nd runner up in shootout 2016)

these ad industry companies went head-to-head at cannes advertising festival...

sixteen films were shown in competition and two played out of competition (due to rules-breaches. read dem rules people! twice!!)

the competing audience voted by ballot and these are the results:


1st place

electric eye - punderson's gardens (pg commercial)

£1,500 goes to grenfell tower relief fund


2nd place & audience award

twelve - rushes

£750 goes to the royal marsden hospital


3rd place

the chef's heir - blonde

£250 goes to children with cancer charity


each team chose which charity they'd donate their prize pot to. straight 8 donated all ticket money to the fireflies ride's fundraising for bloodwise


congratulations to all winners and massive respect and thanks to everyone who got involved in all the films - the standards and ambition were both super high

thanks to all our partners and to everyone who dragged their derrieres out of bed - or didn't put them in bed - and made this screening an epic cannes lions morning for all involved

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to read about shootout 2016 click here

check out the rules below...


the 8 rules of shootout are:

  1. you can only enter as a major company linked to the advertising industry. only 25 companies allowed. first come first served. you can only enter at from 8pm (london) wednesday april 18th 2017. you could be an agency, production company, service company, edit house, post-production, music or sound company - so long as it's about ads.  registration in advance essential - see below
  2. you must film only on the kodak super 8 cartridge that we will send you. it offers you up to 3'20" film length - not a frame more, without synch sound
  3. no editing or post-production.  everything is done in-camera. so filming in single takes, in story order. and we process your film so no cheating!  film delivery deadline: friday may 26th - london - physical delivery - by 7pm at cinelab london (slough!)
  4. your digital soundtrack must be 100% original - no silent films, we've all moved on - and sent to us on a link by 23:59 (london) thursday 1st june
  5. you source your own camera, cast, crew - and idea.  there's no brief or theme - unusual maybe for this industry but not for the film industry
  6. the first time teams will see their own films is at the premiere in cannes on friday june 23rd, morning.  all films will be shown. the good, the bad and the ugly
  7. entry is £500 per entering company and profits will go to winning companies' charity of choice. winners chosen by audience vote in cannes - no voting for your own film
  8. more detailed rules will be given after successful registration.

thanks to our partners in shootout 2017.  click on the logos to find out more...

watch highlights from the straight 8 industry shootout below: