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straight 8 shootout SOUTH AFRICA 2018

the first ever straight 8 shootout on the african continent is now on!  only 20 ad companies from south africa will be able to compete at this straight 8 shootout for charity

making a film in one of the hardest ways on earth, raising money for charity, battling creatively with the rest of the industry and then triumphing, or failing, heroically in front of them at the beautiful labia cinema in cape town on november 22nd...  what's not to like?

straight 8 shootout south africa 2018.gif

each company's team has the same creative brief: whatever you want to put up on that big silver screen

the parameters are technical...  every shot must be taken in story order in single takes. we process your films so there's no post-production special effects, grading or titling - unless they're created in-camera! the sound is made separately and must be original and the first time anyone sees their work - even their own - is at the premiere, with everyone watching

read the 8 key rules of straight 8 shootout below and then register below that... only registered companies can enter this straight 8 shootout

we hope we will see your film on the big screen bright and loud, and we're sure you do too...

cab films of cape town, entered  straight 8 shootout @ CICLOPE 2017. they made 'drive wire', working with primere skool, philipvale. the film which is wonderfully cinematic, was voted 2nd in the competition. they gave their charity donation prize money to the school. you can see the film in the playlist at the bottom of this page.  this is what charles gallacher says about his straight 8 experience:

"Making a film for straight 8 shootout was the first time ever that the brief was 100% specific. No creative steer, all technical limitation. Once I had committed to it I got into the 'groove' and stayed there. I really surprised myself."

the 8 rules of shootout SOUTH AFRICA 2018 are:

  1. ENTERING. you can only enter as a company working in the advertising industry in south africa. you could be an agency, production company, service company, edit house, post-production, music, sound company, design company or even a brand - so long as it's about ads. you must register below and be accepted. only registered, accepted companies will be given the link to use to enter at a specified date and time. then the first 20 companies to pay for entry online are in. registration is free and non-binding and the entry fee must be signed off by your company. the registration link is below - please register asap. full rules available after registration.  deadlines: register: now // entry date: later in august // film delivery in london: october 25 // soundtrack delivery by email: october 30
  2. FILMING. you must film only on one cartridge of super 8 colour negative film. it offers you up to 2'30" film length because we're projecting at 24fps for shootout so 24fps will be your base frame rate for shooting. the cartridge does not record sound. on entering successfully you'll be issued a slate number to include in your first shot so we know your film was made for this contest on the same time-frame as everyone else
  3. POST-PRODUCTION. there is none! no editing, grading, fixing, fiddling, titling or any form of post-production.... everything is done in-camera, filming in single takes, in story order. when the film is shot, you send your exposed, un-developed film to us for processing at cinelab london, so cheating is impossible!  no special lab instructions are allowed either.  the film delivery deadline will not be moved
  4. SOUNDTRACK. your digital soundtrack must be 100% original - and no silent films, we've all moved on. a link to download your AIF or WAV file of your completed stereo soundtrack must be emailed to us by eop october 30
  5. GUIDANCE AND HELP. you source your own camera, film, cast, crew, props, locations - and idea.  there's no brief or theme other than: what do you want to put up on that screen? - so make the most of that freedom
  6. SCREENING. the first time teams will see even their own films is at the premiere at the labia theatre in cape town on thursday november 22nd 2018 - no matter how or whether they come out. yes, ALL films will be shown. the good, the bad, the ugly - this is not for the faint of heart
  7. WINNING. each entered company receives one voting ballot paper, with their film scrubbed out. voting for gold, silver, bronze places from the rest of the entrants, this must be the least rig-able system ever.  prize money will be donated to charities chosen by the top-voted three companies. the charity prize pot will vary pro-rata with the number of entered companies
  8. ENTRY FEE. entry is 15,000ZAR per company - payable in GBP pounds sterling equivalent, by credit card on the entry date given to registered, approved companies. the entry fee is non-refundable. however if we have less than twelve companies this shootout will not go-ahead

more detailed rules will be supplied to successful entrants


if you and your bosses are down with the 8 key rules including the entry fee above

only registered and accepted companies will be emailed the link at a specified date and time to use to enter this shootout

the first 20 registered companies to use that link to purchase their official entry will be the contenders for this shootout

include city and country of entering branch or office if applicable
sole contact for your company for this shootout
a little more about you, the company you're entering, if this may be helpful
including international access code
entry fee signed off and rules ok *
please confirm the entry fee has been signed off by your company and that you're all down with the basic rules above
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just some of the companies that have braved straight 8 shootout so far...

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watch previous entries to straight 8 shootout for inspiration

thanks to all our previous straight 8 shootout partners and entrants

some of the charities that previous straight 8 shootout winners have donated their prize pot to include:

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