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guest editor january 2012
lee hardcastle

internet claymation sensation lee harcastle, discusses hamster abuse & extolls the virtues of plagiarism...
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the best thing about making a video sometimes is getting a bunch of people involved and having fun, it's easier said than done.

another from the 2011 collection, i was sat there at the premiere screening of this one thinking "okay, what's this crap." kinda thinking about other things while watching it, then all of a sudden, ZERO GRAVITY! then, surfers, then, snow people, then... i realised what i was watching and it was a beautiful moment, it's a wonderful film and the best example of what's possible with straight 8.
before entering, this was one of the straight 8 films that i watched again and again, it took a while for my little brain to click what it was that i was watching. the magic of this one & 'worth a journey' is that, half your brain is focused on the film while the other half slowly begins to think "but, to achieve that... the film makers would have had to... no way!". as a narrative short, it's surreal, to say the least, but a short trip worth taking.


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more great films than ever before and great making-of docs too. £5.

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