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2017 results

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the straight 8 2017 cannes film festival selection

8 films will hit the screen for the first time ever at cannes film festival - 8.30pm - may 23


hard coffee - the forest of black (glasgow, uk)

le flic au bois dormant / let sleeping beauties lie - michel antoine chappuis (neuchâtel, switzerland)

locked-in - aleksandar nikolic & fotina papatheodorou (london, uk)

perversion - chelsy mitchell & rebecca louise tiernan (new york, usa)

rsvp - hilary westlake (london, uk)

the homestretch - gunnar hansen & meinert hansen (montreal, canada)

threshold - philipp peißen (essen, germany)

touch - poppy baines (bath, uk)


the straight 8 2017 london selection

london premieres - 9th july - 2.30pm - screen 1, picturehouse central, piccadilly

more details are here

tickets are available here

the cannes film festival selection will be included in the london screening

a man sits smoking - will cummock

bad break in - thomas longstaff

bed head - megan marie connolly

breath of nature - roger batteault

bridgnorth 10.50 - jeannette burton mcfaul & alexandra preston

buy some love - freddy syborn

cockatoo in the radish - marc holtbecker, annette schneider, robert neumann

concrete jungle - steve salesse & jess boyd

daylight robbery - cambralex maclorou

female: 63 - nick carew

high drops - leo buckley

insight - george hooker

into the mist - benjamin scrimgeour and orban wallace

klaus nomi malone and i - evi tsiligaridou

lesson for two lutes - florian schertel

liberty and the pursuit - nathan markiewicz

light camera alchemy - christopher e g w thom

man and boy - jemima sunley and tom goddard

man in a shed - caleb thomas

mycology - matt turner + xenia glen

new - don't shoot films

only you are real to me - desiree faust

paradise - caryn waechter & georgie henley

rabbit lost - loy phillips

raw with love - danny chan

repeat pattern - kate burton

scarlet gloves - charlie christensen

stage door - scoon ferguson

the end - allard faas

the last photo - richard gravett & kia fern little

the red horse - lucy knox

the red ribbon - j.s. meaux

this blessed event - theo watkins

tyne & tideaa - paul walkingshaw

urban youth - matthew sterling

wardens on patrol - matthew s bowron

wax moons - aaron w gibson

wildlife ahead - brutus/reets/devo

you are not alone - megan hill

zillafatigue - lucas orme and tom macmanus


huge congratulations to all the selected filmmakers

and massive thanks to our stellar jury for their conscientious deliberations

full details of the cannes screening on the poster at the bottom of this page

look out for details of the london screening in the next few weeks

well done and thank you to everyone who took part in straight 8 2017 - you all make it what it is