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8 things… #1

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+ 1. straight 8 forever! we're being inducted into The British Film Institute National Archive. the legacy of straight 8 will outlive even us...

we're proud to announce that straight 8 is being brought into the BFI National Archive, keeping the legacy of straight 8 safe forever. big thanks to everyone who ever pulled the trigger - you helped build straight 8 with us to this point.

the BFI National Archive is one of the largest and most important collections of film and television in the world with over 180,000 films and 750,000 television programmes.

straight 8 films will be taking their place in the pantheon of british film history which incudes the work of alfred hitchcock, david lean and powell and pressburger!

BFI National Archive

"Over the last 20 years straight 8 has become one of the most beloved initiatives in the industry – both for the opportunity it’s given to new filmmakers (many of them now established!) and for the playful link it’s maintained with analogue film production during the transition to digital. It’s great that the BFI National Archive can preserve the materials and celebrate the story."
- Will Massa, Curator, Contemporary Fiction, BFI National Archive

+ 2. shootout online #2 announced. again we challenge 20 brave creative companies from around the world. they will see their films in our live online premiere in december...

straight 8 shootout online 2 launch image

and we're excited to announce new partners joining our existing shootout partners for the next two competitions... shootout online #2 and shootout at cannes 2020

get the low down on who can enter and how, and who these great partners are, all at

+ 3. robbie ryan BSC/ISC is back on jury duty. find out why the DOP of ken loach, andrea arnold and more wants to judge straight 8 again...

Robbie Ryan

robbie was a smash hit addition to our awesome cannes 2019 jury: opinionated and engaged during judging and hanging out with us / the filmmakers before, during and after the premiere. he totally got it!

so we asked him back, there and then. and now we just asked him to explain why he said yes...

"straight 8 asked me back. It took me nearly 3 minutes to say yes. The energy and enthusiasm shown by everybody in straight 8 from organisers to filmmakers is truly inspiring and the films that are made all have one thing in abundance: heart & soul. 2020's gonna be a great 8!"

robbie's ken loach film 'sorry we missed you' was playing in cannes back in may and we saw it. heartbreaking, devastating, unmissable. it's released in cinemas in the UK november 1. be brave. see it big and loud

and if you missed it in the cinema or want a second closer look, check out 'the favourite' by yorgos lanthimos, which is on streaming platforms globally now. see the haul of nominations and awards the film has received so far - including robbie's academy award nomination for cinematography - here

+ 4. straight 8 2020. 30 more places released today. see who's entered so far, from where, and what they are doing to try to secure their place in our cannes film festival premiere...

straight 8 map 8pm uk time today we release another 30 places as part of our new rolling system. now everyone gets 3 months from entry to film delivery

animators making 100% stop frame films get till march 8th no matter what

as the year goes on the prices increase. this is to spread the influx of your inspiring celluloid expressions over the year

so if you've got your idea and team ready, why not get going now!?

+ 5. instagram tv. IGTV. whatever - we've started using it. be entertained, get inspired, go sideways, etc...

straight 8 igtv

check out our instagram* here and if you haven't been following it, please do! if you go there now on mobile, you can see the latest on our IGTV. there's some good stuff on there - hope you agree

*(someone got @straight8 first on insta so it's @straight_8_ for us till we find them!)

+ 6. encounter us at encounters. we're screening for the first time at this key UK short film festival and it's a double bill...

straight8est hits vol 2

the 2019 straight 8 selection will screen as a double bill with the world premiere of straight8est hits vol 2 at the prestigious bristol based UK shorts, animation and vr festival, encounters.

back in january at london short film festival we marked the beginning of our 20th year with the premiere of 20 straight8est hits vol 1.

now this is the launch of the second half of that double album of the best straight 8's from our first 20 years: 1999-2018. and we can't wait to share it. if you're going - here are the links to the screenings: straight 8 2019 selection at encounters | 20 straight8est hits vol 2 at encounters

we regularly screen at all sorts of festivals including just recently in a forest in rural france, in san francisco.. we're working on maryland and sydney and also we're screening soon at london film school. keep an eye on our socials for more info and if you're interested in hosting a straight 8 screening yourself, get in touch

+ 7. shot on a bolex, processed in coffee, presented on 35mm - you must have heard about...

bait artwork

'bait' we saw this amazing film presented by bfi on 35mm in nft 1, london. mark kermode interviewed the director, mark jenkin, on stage afterwards and you can see an edit of that here and learn about how he made this amazing film in cornwall with a tiny crew, on 16mm black and white, hand processing himself in caffenol, and with no synch sound! it's screened at tons of festivals worldwide including berlin film festival - all to amazing reviews. or read this review if you prefer. try to catch the 35mm blow-up print which is circulating the cinemas that can still project film currently in the UK.

OR for an easier watch... check out 'call my agent' (french title: dix pour cent) globally available on netflix. it's easy but worthwhile, dry, stylish, sexy, french viewing and if you work in or love film, you'll love this. we met grégory montel in cannes who plays the lovable gabriel sarda - one of the talent agents around whom the stories revolve (rather than the real star talent appearing in each episode). and we couldn't help but say hello - which we never do normally. we did stop short of asking for a photo - too naff and poacher-y. he was the best guy too - amazing. he was blown away by the number of people from around the world telling him how much they loved the show. he had no idea. so even more reason to watch this. 3 seasons up now, the fourth shooting soon, in france, this autumn

+ 8. awards and accolades. excitingly, straight 8 films are being picked up by...

other festivals are falling in love with straight 8 films. that's gr8 cos it shows we're not mad or biased. and doubly gr8 when you think they're going up against films that had the benefit of synch sound, editing, post production, titling....... look what's doing well where, and watch some of them below

8 more things? see 8 things… #2

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