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straight 8 2017 cannes film festival premieres - report

our 12th cannes film festival premiere hit the screen of cinéma les arcades at 8.30pm on tuesday 23rd may

we screened the best 8 straight 8 films of 2017 to a capacity audience from all over the world, and to the films’ makers who’d come from the uk, usa, canada, germany and switzerland to see their work for the first time ever

read how they felt before the screening and see how they felt during the screening...

hard coffee - the forest of black (glasgow, uk)
before: we're not completely sure of what sort of film we've made, let alone what sort of reaction it's going to get from an audience...but aye, hopefully there will be a good party!


le flic au bois dormant / let sleeping beauties lie - michel antoine chappuis (neuchâtel, switzerland)
before: tension is mounting...


locked-in - aleksandar nikolic & fotina papatheodorou (london, uk)
before: excited, petrified, ecstatic, embarrassed and, to make it all bearable, a bit drunk


perversion - chelsy mitchell & rebecca louise tiernan (new york, usa)
before: it feels insanely surreal to be traveling abroad to premiere our film that both directors have yet to see. let's hope it's as magical as we've been imagining it to be!


rsvp - hilary westlake (london, uk)
before: second time lucky! off to cannes! unbelievable! obviously with straight 8, the world is your oyster. can’t wait for number three

the homestretch - gunnar hansen & meinert hansen (montreal, canada)
before: who knew having fun making weekend movies like we did as teens would get us into cannes?! feels like we're kids sneaking in the back door with a stolen tux and a cardboard tie. can't wait to see if it's at least in focus


threshold - philipp peißen (essen, germany)
before: short film premiere in cannes! i mean ... wtf!?

touch - poppy baines (bath, uk)
before: we have all put a huge amount of work into touch and being able to see all that hard work pay off in the most prestigious film festival in the world is incredible. i have so many mixed opinions about seeing it; nerves and excitement - yet being so proud of it


a massive thank you and well done to all the filmmakers. they came a long way and finally saw their straight 8 films which completely enthralled the audience. it was fab

thanks to our jurors asif kapadia, bradford young, justine wright, and jason solomons who was there to represent the jury, and to everyone who came to the screening


thanks also to our partners: ourscreenelevenfiftyfive, and cinelab london - who lovingly processed and scanned all the straight 8 films - they look amazing on the big screen

and to Jameson First Shot who partnered with us for our cannes premiere and an after-party which was awesome

one of last year's Jameson First Shot winners, kat wood, who made the film home starring maggie gyllenhaal was in the cinema audience and at the party chatting to filmmakers