straight 8

one super 8 cartridge
no editing

hello chicago

straight 8 says hello chicago v1.jpg

straight 8 is excited to say Hello Chicago

straight 8 says Hello Chicago is curated and produced by chicago filmmakers megan marie connolly and eliaz rodriguez

the screening will showcase a selection of great straight 8 films from the annual premieres at cannes film festival and other festivals

megan marie’s straight 8 london selected film, bedhead, will have its chicago premiere alongside the premiere of eliaz’s new short, the big slip - made out-of-competition on one cartridge of super 8 film

after the screening, ry “the movie guy” of cinemajaw will host a q&a with megan marie and eliaz

come, ask questions, see exciting films, and get inspired

we're over the moon and grateful that megan marie and eliaz are putting on this first ever chicago straight 8 screening, following an excitable chat in the bar after our cannes 2017 premiere! 

we urge anyone in chicago to go, and to bring friends. because we'd love to see some great chicagoan straight 8 films made for straight 8 2018 which is open for entry now here