straight 8

one super 8 cartridge
no editing

Jameson First Shot

2017 deadline: june 1st


you know we think that taking risks is what filmmaking is all about and with this challenge there's really nothing to lose and a lot to gain

Jameson First Shot is a great challenge for filmmakers. now, in its sixth year, this competition has seen its winners direct the likes of willem dafoe, uma thurman, adrien brody and maggie gyllenhaal in their short films

and they're all produced in los angeles by top producer dana brunetti (house of cards, social network, captain phillips)

and this year the great brit actor, dominic west (the wire, the affair, appropriate adult), is in the hot seat

all you have to do is write a great 5-7 page script that dominic loves by june 1st and see what happens next. fortune favours the brave

here's what dominic has to say about the competition

entry details, rules, regs, tips and inspiration are available at

good luck from straight 8!