straight 8

one super 8 cartridge
no editing

straight 8 shootout @ cannes 2019 submission form

name of the company entering
company address in the real world
for emergency use by us. if you are outside the uk please include the country code. eg +33 for france
your unique entry number emailed to you when you entered
your chosen charity who'll receive your share of the prize pot if your film places in the top 3
a bit more info about your team or film in 50 words or less - don't fret over it - it's your entry we care about most
legal bit *
“as the director and producer submitting the above straight 8 film, i confirm that i own all the rights to the film. i can show it anywhere i want to but only after i have received an official copy of the film from straight 8. i grant straight 8 productions non-exclusive rights to show the above straight 8 film, if they choose to do so, anywhere on any format at any time in the future under the banner of straight 8 including but not limited to the following: straight 8 events, straight 8 screenings at other events, straight 8 website or podcasts, straight 8 showtapes, straight 8 branded dvds, straight 8 feature films, straight 8 tv programmes or features within other tv programmes, straight 8 ‘channels’ within other websites, podcasts and the like. i warrant that i am entitled to assign these rights for all contributors to, and all elements of, my film. i and all actors and crew appearing in or involved in the making of my film have completely released all rights to me for use with the film wherever and whenever it is shown as detailed above. all composers and performers (and publishers if relevant) of any part of the film’s soundtrack have completely released all rights to me for unlimited use with the film wherever and whenever it is shown and as detailed above.”