straight 8

one super 8 cartridge
no editing

straight 8 shootout online #2 is open for business

enter this next edition of straight 8 shootout where your film will premiere at FOCUS the meeting place for international production, london december 3rd 10am with a simultaneous live online stream

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seeking brave creative companies of any kind from anywhere in the world

to compete at straight 8 rules for charity

with an open brief

using just 2.5 minutes of super 8 film

and no editing or post-production

no matter how it comes out, see it for the first time while the world watches with you: LIVE at FOCUS The Meeting Place for International Production, London *(register free here) on tuesday december 3rd 10am london time AND with a simultaneous global online stream

this is straight 8 shootout online #2... (check out shootout online #1)

+ how it works

these are the 8 key steps to shootout online #2:

  1. get ready. we never set a theme. you make the film you want to make. your film will be 2 minutes 30 seconds or less. that's how much one cartridge of super 8 will allow you because it will be scanned at 24 frames per second - so make sure your camera can shoot at 24fps too. now you have your idea...

  2. get set. get permission from your company to buy their place in this shootout. entry is first come first served and there are limited places

  3. go if you are successful and buy one of the places below before they run out you will receive your entry number to include visually in the first shot of your film. that's how we all know everyone made their film for this shootout in the same timeframe. you'll also receive full rules. entry is non-refundable

  4. pre-pro. source your cast, crew, camera and one roll of colour super 8 negative film - plus everything else you need to make movie magic... per our strict rules

  5. filming. shoot your film in story order without re-takes on that one roll of super 8. then send it (un-processed, un-edited, un-anything'd) to cinelab london by november 22nd 2019 - no special lab instructions allowed. no extensions. super 8 film doesn't record sound so...

  6. sound. your 100% original soundtrack - created without you seeing your film - must be sent to us on a link by 7 days after the film delivery deadline above. we will simply line up the start of your soundtrack with the first frame of your film - again, no special instructions allowed

  7. your premiere. the first time anyone sees even their own film is at our live premiere at FOCUS London - together with a live global online stream. no matter how or whether they come out, ALL films will be shown. this is not for the faint-hearted. don’t hold it against us if we show a black film. if you don’t like it, don’t enter. but do watch either live online or at FOCUS London on dec 3rd regardless of whether you entered - they'll be brilliant. FOCUS London is a great event and (best of all) it's free to attend if you register

  8. winning. each entered company gets to vote for their gold, silver and bronze choices a few minutes after the last film finishes - but not voting for their own film. the winners will be announced during the live stream, moments later. this must be the fastest and fairest voting system ever. prize money will be donated to the charities chosen by the winning companies and our iconic shootout trophies will be shipped to them to proudly display in their office

+ Cost

entry to this shootout costs £500 plus VAT

entry includes and contributes to:

  • processing, scanning and sound synch
  • digital delivery of pro-res of your film within a month of the premiere
  • competition management
  • live premiere from the london event to the world
  • trophy creation and shipping
  • charity pot (10% of entry fees)
  • the most uniquely bonding creative filmmaking challenge you may ever experience

entry excludes:

  • everything you need to make your film, including film, which you source yourself and which must be colour negative super 8mm
  • return of physical film spools. we no longer return these but we will archive them

you own your film and grant straight 8 license to show the film anywhere anytime under the banner of straight 8

you must resist the temptation to make any tweaks to the digital version of your film that we will send you, otherwise it should not be billed as a straight 8 film anymore

more details about rights and copyright in films is all in the full rules that you’ll receive when you enter...

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+ get inspired

  • check out all the past winners and see the calibre of amazing companies who've ever entered shootout on our shootout page

  • watch classic straight 8's from our open competitions since 1999 on our films page

  • see how some straight 8 films were made on our making-ofs page

  • check out even more films on our vimeo channel

  • see the straight 8 2018 and 2019 cannes film festival competition selections at straight 8 vimeo on demand

+ cameras

  • don't know where you'd get a camera, you say?
  • they're everywhere! see our cameras page for more info

+ film

  • we used to send films around the world. it wasn't very green and caused delays. now you can enter, get your entry number and start shooting because you source your own super 8 cartridge - in fact you may already have a roll
  • there are loads of outlets around the world - see our film outlets page for more info
  • you must shoot on super 8 colour negative only

BIG thanks to ALL our EXISTING AND NEW shootout partnerS


and to our many supportive reach partners including…