straight 8

one super 8 cartridge
no editing

the 8 basic rules of shootout online #1 are:

  1. ENTERING. you can only enter as a company working in creative industries. the first 24 companies to pay for entry online are in. by entering you agree to these basic rules and more detailed ones will be sent to you within 48 hours of entering.  entry is non-refundable but transferable if you want to gift or sell it to another company. companies may team up and enter jointly but one contact person will be needed. £750 per company/team - payable by credit card on the entry page. if we have don’t receive enough entries we reserve the right to cancel or postpone this shootout

  2. FILMING. you must film only on one cartridge of super 8 colour negative film. it offers you up to 2'30" film length because we're projecting at 24fps for shootout so 24fps will be your base frame rate for shooting. the cartridge does not record sound. on entering successfully you'll be issued a slate number to include in your first shot so that we know your film was made for this contest within the same time-frame as everyone else

  3. POST-PRODUCTION. there is none! no editing, grading, fixing, fiddling, titling or any form of post-production.... everything is done in-camera, filming in single takes, in story order. when the film is shot, you send your exposed, un-developed film to us for processing at cinelab london, so cheating is impossible!  no special lab instructions are allowed either

  4. SOUNDTRACK. your soundtrack must be 100% original - and no silent films, we've all moved on. you send a link to us to download your AIF or WAV file of your completed stereo soundtrack by the sound deadline. we will simply line this up with the first frame of picture

  5. GUIDANCE AND HELP. you source your own camera, film, cast, crew, props, locations - and idea.  there's no brief or theme other than: what do you want to put up on that screen? - so make the most of that freedom

  6. SCREENING. the first time teams will see even their own films is at the live online premiere - no matter how or whether they come out. yes, ALL films will be shown. the good, the bad, the ugly - this is not for the faint-hearted

  7. WINNING. each entered company is allowed one vote, for gold, silver and bronze places from the rest of the entrants - not voting for their own film. this must be the least rig-able system ever.  prize money will be donated to the charities selected by the top-voted three companies. the charity prize pot will vary pro-rata with the number of entered companies. there will be an audience vote too, for honour

  8. YOUR FINISHED FILM. your film is your film and you can do want you want with it. you will also be granting straight 8 license to show the film anywhere anytime under the banner of straight 8. more details in the full rules you’ll receive when you enter. we will supply you a high quality digital master with an official straight 8 slate on it - we ask you to only use this and resist the temptation to make any tweaks, otherwise it should not be billed as a straight 8 film anymore. we do not return your original spool. if you require this, special arrangements will need to be made within 2 weeks of the premiere

more detailed rules will be supplied to successful entrants