straight 8

one super 8 cartridge
no editing

straight 8 shootout @ CANNES 2019 - special student discount / réduction pour les étudiants

come and see what happens when 15 companies compete at making short films with one cartridge of super 8 film - and no editing or post-production.

straight 8 screens at cannes film festival and advertising festival each year and for the first time here is a special student price for local filmmakers… (normal price is £20) - and you do not need a festival pass for this screening

this is straight 8 shootout (for more details here)

help us ensure that none of this raw creativity is seen by a single cinema seat

buy your special student seat now (no breakfast included. you must present student card at the cinema) - click the link here:

a cannes!

straight 8 shootout cannes 2019 screening flyer large with bleed.jpg