straight 8

one super 8 cartridge
no editing

straight 8 2018

over 100 films were made for straight 8 2018. people all over the world took our challenge to make a film about anything on just one cartridge of super 8mm film, editing only in camera. they sent us their exposed cartridges for developing at cinelab london. they sent us their original soundtracks which they'd made 'blind'. and  they waited

the best 8 were selected by our wonderful jury and were screened at our straight 8 2018 premiere at the cannes film festival in may

these 8 played for a second time at our london premiere along with the next 20 best entries (that hadn't been seen by anyone, including the people who made them)

hear ed sayers, and becca wolff, producer of the straight 8 2018 cannes selected 'satan's bite', chat with robert elms about making a film in one of the hardest ways on earth





see (a little tiny bit of) all the films from straight 8 2018 in just one minute in our teaser trailer!

then see the full results below that

the straight 8 2018 cannes film festival selection

8 films hit the screen for the first time ever at cannes film festival - 8.30pm - may 14th - cinema olympia, cannes

alone, my friend - jason bradbury  (london, uk. filmed in dubai, uae)

dear frankie - megan marie connolly, claudia krogmeier & nate gilbert  (chicago, usa)

flicker and fade - the kommandants  (darwin, australia. filmed in cambodia)

in love - candice nachman  (los angeles, usa)

monolith - gabriel bullen  (doha, qatar)

satan’s bite: or the foolishness of the witchfinder thomas eastchurch - dean puckett  (london, uk)

what a drag - jake kuhn  (atlanta, usa)

winter of my life - roger & remy batteault  (beaune, france)

///// checkout production stills and more from these films here /////

congratulations to these 8 films and their makers.  we don't do outright winners.  these 8 are the creme de la cannes of straight 8 2018

if you didn't see them in cannes or london or other screenings around the world

please contact us if you'd like to help put on a screening somewhere

the straight 8 2018 london selection

global premiere held in london - bfi southbank nft1 - august 4th 2018

the cannes film festival selection of 8 as above were included in the london screening with these 20 great films never yet seen...

congrats to everyone


bbb - the beast, the beauty, the beast - michel a. chappuis

ctrl-z - annette schneider, andré wlodarski, matthias kasparick, robert neumann, marc holtbecker 

film stars don’t do super 8 - john dodds

fisherman’s end - grace garwood

heliotrope - michael krieger

if… - mario martinez coboz

no vacancy - don't shoot films

roundabout - mazlaya carolena papanoodokolic

sarah - joeri de jongh

senior moments - paul saunders

sleep - christopher egw thom

song without words - jonathan eve

stumbling up - devin goundry

super 80 - jeneffa soldatic

swings & roundabouts - alex sultoon

telepathic exchanges - jeff zorilla

the journey inward - eliaz rodriguez

the last last supper - louis bhose

this is not who i am - alisyn ghivizzani

vanishes - rebecca louise tiernan


there was an incredibly high standard this year and some very good films have been made that have not made these selections. thanks to every single person who got behind everything needed for every single frame of the films made this year. without your bravery and efforts and imaginations and action these pages and more screens would be black

straight 8 is open to anyone anywhere. we don't even mention diversity. never have. never needed to. oops - just did

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see you in cannes, london or somewhere else soon - that'd be gr8

straight 8


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