straight 8

one super 8 cartridge
no editing

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straight 8 2020 opens july 8th 2019

everyone is welcome


*if it’s good enough

new: shoot in the summer months in the northern hemisphere! or the winter in the southern hemisphere! CHOOSE WHICH SEASON to SHOOT YOUR STRAIGHT 8 FILM

new: LIMITED places released the 8th of each month - WITH A rolling DEADLINE


for the chance to see your film at cannes film festival may 2020 read on…

the rolling deadline explained

everyone entering in 2019 gets a 3 month window from entry to film delivery. in jan/feb 2020 that window is reduced to 2 and 1 months respectively

the calendar pricing is designed to spread the workload for the lab and us throughout the year

the entry fee is rising to an average of approx £160. this is still only £40 more than developing and scanning one roll of super 8 negative at this quality with our partners, cinelab london.

entry includes and contributes to: processing, scanning, sound synch, digital delivery, of prores of every entered film, competition entry, management, premieres in cannes and london and more for successful filmmakers

entry excludes film, which you buy yourself and which must be colour negative. and travel to premieres

rolling deadline dates - what do you want? sun, snow? pick your window and go for it on the right 8th of the month for you…

31 places open jul 8 >>> film delivery oct 8. £130

31 places open aug 8 >>> film delivery nov 8. £140

30 place open sep 8 >>> film delivery dec 8. £150

31 places open oct 8 >>> film delivery jan 8. £160

30 places open nov 8 >>> film delivery feb 8. £170

31 places open dec 8 >>> film delivery mar 8. £180

31 places open jan 8 >>> film delivery mar 8 (2mts). £190

29 places open feb 8 >>> film delivery mar 8 (1mt). £200

all animators get to feb 8 no matter when they enter, or march 8 if they enter feb 8

31 new places open mar 8 (for 2021 competition) >>> film delivery jun 8. £TBC.

right! want to be part of straight 8 2020? great! here’s how…

  • be one of the first to buy the limited monthly places released at 8pm london time on the 8th of each month - at the bottom of this page

  • you must include your entry number visually in the first shot of your film, don’t start shooting until you’ve entered

  • once you pay the entry fee there’s no backing out or shifting your dates. see rolling deadline delivery dates above

  • there are no themes given. you make the film you want to make

  • film delivery deadline - your exposed, un-processed, un-edited film must arrive at cinelab london by the relevant film delivery deadline - see above

  • sound delivery deadline - your 100% original soundtrack created without you having seen you film must be sent to us as an emailed link by 7 days later

  • selections announced by 3rd week of april 2020

  • cannes premiere for 8 selected films - approx 18/19 may 2020

  • london premiere for approx 20+ more selected films - date tbc soon after cannes above

  • hi-res digital files of un-selected films sent to entrants within one month following above two premieres

  • full rules to follow

  • straight 8 2020 film duration = 3’20” max (less is allowed). scans will be at 18 frames per second


get inspired by watching the straight 8 2018 and 2019 selections at straight 8 vimeo on demand


2020 jury announcements to follow - check out our fantastic 2019 jury for reference here. this jury debates the 8 to screen at cannes from our shortlist of around 20-24 entries


start dreaming, writing, drawing, planning, team-building and word-spreading… choose the month you want to try for and get ready


the next 20 years of straight 8 is about to lift off and we’d love you to be part of it



ps - in 2019, our cap of 150 places were all taken up in less than two months. this year we hope that the new rolling entry mechanism will allow more people to make a straight 8, when it suits them!


enter here

31 places opening here at precisely

8pm uk time 8th july 2019

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