straight 8

one super 8 cartridge
no editing

straight 8 industry shootout @ cannes 2018 entry


this is the place where the first 20 companies to pay below will be successfully entered into the straight 8 industry shootout @ cannes 2018

by entering you will be agreeing to the following...

  1. entry will be non-refundable.
  2. on entering we'll mail you your cartridge of kodak vision 3 200t colour super 8 film together with detailed rules and address labels. and, by email, you will receive a unique entry number. you must shoot your film on that one cartridge, featuring your entry number in shot in the first 3 seconds of your film.
  3. the rules are really important - especially around copyright, you must read and follow them carefully.
  4. you'll be responsible for everything about your production; rights, sourcing camera, crew, cast, props etc,  and for you and your team's health and safety, and also that of the public.
  5. for this event, shoot your film at 24fps, it will have a duration of 2min30s. (we will be projecting at 24fps, so if you shoot at 18fps your film will be sped up by one-third).
  6. you must send the exposed, un-processed cartridge back to cinelab london (slough SL1 4LR, UK) by 17.00 (UK time) on friday may 25th 2018, using the label system included with your cartridge.
  7. you must send us your original soundtrack digitally by 23.59 (UK time) on friday june 1st.
  8. we will also send you a link to the straight 8 film submission form - you must complete and submit this form; confirming all rights, details of your chosen charity and more, by the soundtrack deadline.
  9. we will have your film processed and scanned with no grading or editing whatsoever, we will sync your sound to your film's first frame of picture - no special instructions, and no silent films, are allowed.
  10. all films will be shown at the premiere at cinema les arcades, cannes on the morning of thursday june 21st. the winners will be decided by fair audience vote - the charity prizes will go to winning companies' charities of choice. by entering shootout you agree to projection of your 15 metres of super 8 with your supplied soundtrack being presented at the event no matter how or if it turned out.

if you agree to all the above we look forward to you entering straight 8 industry shootout by hitting the ENTER link below

and we wish you the very best of luck

straight 8