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if you prefer not to our join mailing list and don’t want to follow us on social media, let’s keep in touch this way

here’s how it works:

when we have a special announcement like a new competition open (which sometimes sell out in 24 hours), or a really inspiring screening you could go to, we send an email to everyone who’s given us their email address, and we post information on our instagram / twitter / facebook

however, if you don’t want to use those, then with you what we will do is think really hard about you personally at those times. [want to know how we’ll know you? see *how we’ll know you below]. now, these thought messages will be coming from london or yorkshire or dorset or cannes or thailand or milan or mumbai or los angeles or wherever we happen to be at those special times. they’re strong though because we care

so then all you need to do is to tune into our strong thought messages, at that exact moment

only you won’t know when that is, so really you need to be thinking about straight 8 literally all the time

some people don’t want to - or simply cannot - do this, they also need to sleep or think about what food to buy or immerse themselves in watching a film or reading a book or doing other things in life that require concentration to be fully enjoyed (think of your own example here). so instead they aim to remember every once in a while that they’re interested in straight 8 - either watching the new films coming out or wanting to enter some day - and they think about straight 8 just every once in a while which is healthy. and then they perhaps remember to look at our site to see if anything is going on for them and they hope they didn’t miss it already and maybe they did and it’s all a bit hit and miss

and so finally what a lot of smart people now do is they let us let them know in the easiest way and they join our mailing list / follow our socials

if you do that that’d be really great and maybe tell any filmmakery friends to do the same (by thoughts or phone or email)

and if you still don’t want to do that, read on…

*how we’ll know you

how we’ll know you works like this:

send us a really strong thought message soon, from wherever you are in the world, and we will try our hardest to pick it up from wherever we are in the world

the tricky thing is the timing - so the best thing is to send an email to us letting us know when you’ll be doing this and then hope that we’ll be available - please give us at least 12 months notice - and also hope the sky is clear and thought channels aren’t too busy on your chosen date and time

either way we hope to hear from you soon

meantime here’s a book recommendation: the chrysalids by john windham

straight 8