straight 8

one super 8 cartridge
no editing


when straight8ers get places with their filmmaking they sometimes share their news and views with us so we're sharing some of that with you...

straight 8: forced hilarity, 2004

i think when i did straight 8 i hadn't used my super 8 camera for maybe ten years... more... it was the first camera i ever got, you know my dad bought it for me and my brother, a second hand super 8 camera. i just love the discipline of using it because you have to think a lot more. usually when i'm doing something i do like twelve, thirteen takes and to do something with one take was quite liberating - i really enjoyed it. 

slavek hörak - director home care  named one of variety's ten global movie directors to watch, jan 2016

straight 8: deja vu, 2005 (as part of directing duo: sandalz)

just sharing the joy - in the spring I finished my first feature called "Home Care" and had it premiered in Competition at Karlovy Vary IFF last week to ten minutes of standing ovations and overall good reviews:))
And - we won Best Actress!!!:))
So if you want to cheer up young straight8-ers with “it could be you next time” do feel free to exploit this little step of mine:))
I have a vimeo link with the film if you want to see it now but maybe it will be shown at some time in UK too and we can meet there so it is up to you:))
Hope you are doing well too, being so supportive to young filmmakers as you were to us - and hearty thanks for that, once again:))
Rock ’n’roll!:))

jonnie malachi - director breakdown. jan 2016

straight 8: pet hate, 2004

i still love 'pet hate' - it proved invaluable when it came to directing the feature - 18 shoot days, having to make such quick decisions on performance, camera setup etc - straight 8 gave me the confidence & understanding of simplification, & getting the ‘master shot’ in one.

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