straight 8

straight up filmmaking since 1999

one super 8 cartridge no editing / iphone linear filmmaking

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every straight 8 film has been made on a single cartridge of super 8mm cine film, editing in camera only

that's +1000 films made for straight 8 since 1999

each mini-epic is created and completed on just 15 metres / 50 feet of celluloid film - that's only about the width of a decent cinema screen

super 8 runs at 18 frames per second as standard which gives you up to 3 minutes 20 seconds of silver-screen time - but not a second more! 

every shot is taken in story order.  there's no opportunity for any second takes or to do post-production effects, colour grading or even editing

that's a 1:1 shooting ratio

the first time successful straight8ers even see their film is together with the audience at its packed premiere

and sound tracks must be original and are uploaded separately, 'blind', before the director even sees their film

so bear all that in mind when you watch these incredible straight 8 films

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