straight 8

straight up filmmaking since 1999

one super 8 cartridge no editing

we help people get films out of their heads and onto a screen

if you have a straight 8 in you

we want to see it


super 8 cameras are gorgeous. as well as a necessity for making a straight 8 film - and they really aren't hard to find*

just have a look at these... and to see some super 8 cameras in action making straight 8 films, check out our making ofs page


thanks to cinelab london for re-scanning our kodak 35mm 200t rushes of spinning super 8 cameras that we shot for our tv programme 'straight 8 on tv' which was broadcast on the uk's channel 4 in 2004/05

* these cameras hide badly in lofts, cellars, flea markets, car boot sales, ebay.  when people say they don't have a camera we say you just need an idea.  get that, talk about it and everything you need will come around it. do allow time to test a camera new to you.  there are lots of reliable sellers and renters around the world and we'll happily grow this list if people have solid recommendations...

london - sendean cameras

new york - du-all camera