straight 8

straight up filmmaking since 1999

one super 8 cartridge no editing

we help people get films out of their heads and onto a screen

if you have a straight 8 in you

we want to see it


straight 8 is the global one-super-8-cartridge-no-editing short film competition founded in london in 1999

the challenge. make a short film on one cartridge of super 8 with no editing, no re-takes, no grade, no post-production. submit a separate soundtrack without having seen you film

see your own film for the first time together with the audience - at one of our packed premieres, like the one we hold at cannes film festival premiere, if it's good enough

there is now another straight 8 format for ad industry companies to compete for charity. the rules are similar but different. check out shootout

explore the site to see some great straight 8 films, find out more about the rules, who enters, how the films are made and where else they're screened

straight 8 is open to anyone anywhere. if you have a straight 8 in you, we'd love to see it

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