straight 8

straight up filmmaking since 1999

one super 8 cartridge no editing

we help people get films out of their heads and onto a screen and into other peoples’ heads

(or what’s the point?)

if you have a straight 8 in you

we want to see it

straight 8 shootout online #1: 15 companies on 5 continents. 15 super 8 rolls. zero editing. the first ever straight 8 shootout live-online-premiere - BELOW!


vote for your favourite film within 48 hours after the show - one lucky voter will win free entry to straight 8 2019 with the chance to premiere at the cannes film festival - click here to vote -

stay tuned for future straight 8 news CLICK here thanks for watching

thanks to our main partners and to all the companies brave enough to put it all on the line, online

processing partner: cinelab london

trophy partner: machine shop sfx

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