straight 8

one super 8 cartridge
no editing


straight 8 shootout is the straight 8 format for creative companies to compete at our rules for charity

up to 20 companies can compete, putting their company name to their film. every film gets played at the premiere, regardless of how - or whether -  it came out. it's scary and raw. the rules are the same as straight 8 - in-camera editing on super 8, no post-production - but the max film length for shootout is 2.5 minutes. winners are voted for live at the premiere and the winning companies get to donate prize money to the charities they choose.

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next up:JUNE 28TH



15 films fresh from their premiere at cannes ad fest AT 9.30AM june 28th in REGENT STREET CINEMA

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find out all about our previous shootouts on the links below:

straight 8 shootout ONLINE #1 - the first shootout with an online premiere was held on dec 6th 2018 at 2pm london time, 6am los angeles, 11pm tokyo etc!

straight 8 shootout @ CANNES 2018

straight 8 shootout @ ADFEST 2018

straight 8 shootout @ CICLOPE 2017

straight 8 shootout @ CANNES 2017

straight 8 shootout @ CANNES 2016

watch some previous entries to straight 8 shootout for inspiration


just some of the companies that have braved straight 8 shootout so far:


thanks to all our straight 8 shootout partners: past and present and future - please contact us if you’d like to show your support for shootout and together we can figure out something wholly appropriate

some of the charities that previous straight 8 shootout winners have donated their prize pot to include: