straight 8

straight up filmmaking since 1999

one super 8 cartridge no editing

we help people get films out of their heads and onto a screen and into other peoples’ heads

(or what’s the point?)

if you have a straight 8 in you

we want to see it


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this is it celluloid dreamers…

the 20th year of straight 8, opened on december 8th 2018

limited places are available and as ever it is first come first served and anyone anywhere is welcome

in spring of 1999. 20 people made films on one cartridge of super 8 and gathered to see them for the first time together, in a 200 seat cinema in london's west end. straight 8 was born. every film was shown no matter how it came out

20 years later our annual competition is still growing. this is the one where, for the 14th year, there's a good chance of your film screening at the cannes film festival. we and our esteemed jury will select 8 films to premiere there in may 2019. we can’t show every film anymore but we show a pretty good proportion compared to most competitions and film festivals

want the chance to make it into our 14th cannes film festival selection? or our awesome london premiere or other great screenings worldwide?

read on…

  • enter on this site only, from december 8th at 8pm london time

  • there’s a maximum of 150 places and it's first come, first served. the first 30 places are at a reduced price, so get in quick. there’s a small chance that more places may be released, but no guarantee

  • once entered we'll email you a unique entry number to include visually in the first three seconds of your film - this is how we know everyone made their film this time round

  • you source your own cartridge of colour negative super 8 film yourself - see our growing list of film outlets - no black and white, no reversal

  • you shoot your film on that one cartridge. it doesn't record sound. we scan at 18fps so you have 3 minutes 20 seconds to make your cinematic mark. you can make it shorter, but not longer

  • you send the cartridge back to us in london by the film delivery deadline - 18th march 2019

  • you send us your original soundtrack digitally by the sound delivery deadline, with your submission form - 31st march 2019

  • we get your film processed and scanned at cinelab london who will also be busy on major motion pictures

  • we line up your soundtrack to your film's first frame of picture (we don't grade or edit or anything your film)

  • we watch the films and shortlist

  • our jury will select the 8 for cannes

  • we announce which films made it to cannes, london or any other premieres - see dates

  • the first time you can see your film is at its packed premiere - see dates

  • if your film doesn't get selected, we offer optional full and frank feedback

there is no theme - you make the film you want to make…'s pure, it's raw. it's scary, it's legendary, it’s the 20th year... so join in

/// see testimonials /// see frequently asked questions ///

we hope to see you in cannes or somewhere else, with your film lighting up the night

straight 8 2019 entry fee: £120* - uk, europe or worldwide incl vat ; with first 30 spots at the reduced fee of £88.88

*to give straight 8 a fair shot at having another 20 years, the price has to go up. the first 30 places for 2019 are at the 2018 price of £88.88

entry includes: entry into competition // processing & scanning & soundtrack lay // digital download file of your film with your soundtrack and official straight 8 slate on head after all premieres completed, even for un-selected films // one free ticket for every official screening your film is shown at //

entry excludes: film // cost of sending exposed cartridge to us in london // additional screening tickets // travel to events // festival passes and other access requirements // return shipping or preparation of your film spool for collection // camera // cost of having a superb idea and executing it brilliantly //


!! straight 8 2019 has now sold out !!

sorry if you were looking to grab a place - they’re all gone as of feb 8th

but we have plenty of screenings and other events coming up, so make sure to join our mailing-list and follow our socials to ensure you don’t miss out!


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