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straight 8 @ ciclope

straight 8 industry shootout @ ciclope 2017 premiered 26th october, kino international, berlin - at the ciclope international festival of craft

just like the regular straight 8, entrants made a film on one roll of super 8mm cine film, with no second takes, no editing, no post-production.  sound had to be original and was delivered 'blind'. each company saw their straight 8 film for the very first time at ciclope 2017 in front of their peers. the audience voted for the best films and the winning companies gave prize money to the charities of their choice

16 companies, from 13 different countries took up the challenge. thanks to all these awesome companies for braving shootout:

WCRS (lon, uk), EL RIO (buenos aires, arg), ELECTRIC THEATRE COLLECTIVE (lon, uk), FRAMESTORE PICTURES (culver city, usa), BLACK RABBIT (warsaw, pol), SMUGGLER (lon, uk), THE LIFT (mexico city, mex), RED RAGE (dublin, ire), STELLAR FILMS (tallinn, estonia), MOONWALK (paris, fra), TFC JAPAN (tokyo, japan), SMILE (barcelona, esp), CINE BRAZIL (sao paolo, bra), CZAR (amsterdam, hol), CAB FILMS (cape town, south africa), RADICAL MEDIA (lon, uk)

see the results below



the companies saw their films for the first time ever at the premiere at CICLOPE, and the competing audience voted by ballot. these are the results:


1st place

woman potion - moonwalk films / bless (paris, france)

£1000 goes to their chosen charity: end female genital mutilation

watch the film here


2nd place

drive wire - cab films (cape town, south africa)

£500 goes to primere skool philipvale (philipvale primary school, based in the location the film was shot)

watch the film here


3rd place

life is beautiful - cine (sao paolo, brazil)

£250 goes to their chosen charity: casa do zezinho, working with orphaned children in brazil.

watch the film here


audience award (for the next film to get the loudest audience reaction)

lockdown - radical mediahilow films

watch the film here


congratulations to the winners and huge thanks to our partners - apa london and cinelab london, to everyone who entered and got involved in making all of these brilliant films - and to ciclope festival for teaming up with us to make a great show -down

huge thanks to our partners in straight 8 @ ciclope 2017:

watch highlights from the straight 8 industry shootout below: