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straight 8 industry shootout @ ADFEST 2018

the 4th straight 8 industry shootout premiered 22nd march 2018 - at ADFEST 2018 in thailand, with support from apa london and cinelab london

six companies from apac braved this first ever straight 8 shootout @ ADFEST and we made a donation of over $900 AUD to the winner's chosen charity

just like regular straight 8, shootout entrants make a film on one roll of super 8mm cine film, with no retakes, no post-production and no second chances. soundtracks have to be original and are made before entrants see their film. the max length for shootout is 2.5 minutes

each company saw their straight 8 film for the very first time at adfest 2018 in front of the ad industry. the audience voted for the best film and the winning company gave prize money to the charity of their choice

see who entered, the films and the results below

find out about other straight 8 industry shootouts past and future at

straight 8 industry shootout @ ADFEST 2018 entries

'keynote' - ogilvy x (sydney, aus) - winner

we made a donation of over $900 AUD to their chosen charity, beyond blue, who work to promote good mental health, tackle stigma and discrimination and provide support and information on anxiety, depression and suicide to everyone in australia

huge congratulations to the ogilvy x team behind 'keynote'


'live from earth' - the sweet shop (melbourne, aus)


'i am ocean' - indigo asia production (bangkok, thai)


'hyper galaxy starship team' - the pool collective (sydney, aus)


'be a wild dog' - w agency (shanghai, china)


'lonesome roads' - curious film (auckland, nz)


thanks to all the companies who entered, everyone who worked on the films and our partners - apa london & cinelab london,  and to adfest for teaming up with us to bring this gutsy filmmaking challenge to asia

here's what branding in asia said about the event: article

watch all the films, in the order that they were played at adfest, in the gallery below

straight 8 @ ADFEST 2018 web a4.png

thanks to our partners in straight 8 @ adfest 2018: